Friday, April 18, 2008

The Urban Gardener

Like everything in New York, you often have to share. Why should gardening be any different? If you don't have your own garden in front or in back of your apartment or home, consider the community garden.

what is a community garden?
Community gardens transform empty lots into green, living spaces. They are collaborative projects created by members of the community; residents share in both the maintenance and rewards of the garden. There are an estimated 10,000 community gardens within U.S. cities.

why create a garden?
The simple act of planting a garden can create positive environmental, economic, and social impacts on a neighborhood. Community gardens foster cultural understanding and an awareness of the environment around us.

GreenThumb, an NY-based nonprofit, is the largest community gardening program in the country, supporting over 600 member gardens serving 20,000 city residents. Since 1978, GreenThumb helps with gardening skills, materials, technical assistance, and workshops.
The majority of GreenThumb gardens were derelict vacant lots renovated by volunteers. These community gardens, now managed by neighborhood residents, provide important green space, thus improving air quality, bio-diversity, and the well-being of residents. Many gardens offer educational workshops, children's programs, food pantries, or community-building events like block parties. All GreenThumb gardens are open to the public a minimum of ten (10) hours per week, so visit one of these amazing spaces to see what's growing on! Go to the below OASIS link to find detailed information about a garden near you.

Sources: Urban Community Garden, CENYC, OASIS, GREENTHUMB


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I really like what you guys are doing - especially the goal to reduce your carbon footprint. Looking forward to following your journey this year.

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