Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYC Energy...

City residents are thrifty users of energy, but cities still use vast amounts.

We already know that cities are far more energy efficient than suburbs and that humans are becoming a primarily urban species, so trends are toward energy efficient living. But New York City still struggles with proposals like congestion pricing to cut traffic. And as people get richer, they still tend to accumulate more stuff, demand more living space, and use more electricity. In a world heading toward 9 billion people seeking decent lives, how does that play out?

If you can't come up with a plan to get all of New York City to be more energy efficient, here are some solutions in the meantime. . . switch to alternative energy for your apartment, unplug your electrics you aren't using, buy one of those cool solar panel bags so you charge your ipod and phone via the sun, turn off your computer when you leave work every night, and even better, encourage others to make changes with you! More Suggestions

Source: NYTimes

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