Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go Go Green Expo!

Superheroes unite for the planet. Two Green Team members, sans capes, met David Coburn, aka the voice of Captain Planet at the Go Green Expo at the Hilton Hotel!! After telling the Captain Planet Foundation's Captain Planet himself all about the Brooklyn Green Team, he said, aside from, "The Power is Yours!" "You are Planeteers." POW! We've Been Greened!

Meanwhile at the event, there was some greenwashing, but lots of gems too....

Brooklyn-based RePlayGround has lots of good info on their website on how to make new objects out of old CD's, pancake mix boxes, metrocards, soda bottles, and more. Check out some of their how-to's on the website.

Mother and daughter team Jill Palermo and Judy Pezdir started, which is an awesome T-shirt company that donates 100% of their profits to the environment. How it works is you pick an environmental cause you care about such as reycling, lightbulbs, biking, solar, and they print a t-shirt with your unique number to show how many people care about that cause.

Another group called Local Fork hosts local online hubs for cities all over the country, include here in NYC. They have a guide to New York City local eating, including greenmarkets, CSA's and community groups, and volunteer opportunities. A great help in trying to localize your diet.

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