Sunday, April 6, 2008

Green Dining

Enter Manhattan's Union Square Greenmarket in the early morning, and you'll likely trip over a chef from one of the city's top restaurants. Fifteen years ago, though, most chefs sourced their produce from fancy distributors, who hauled in perfect-looking ingredients from hundreds of miles away. Not Peter Hoffman of Savoy. Since starting his much-loved Soho restaurant in 1990, Hoffman has been a familiar figure among the stalls, stuffing his dramatically oversized bicycle basket with the flavorsome produce of New York City's surrounding foodshed. And his commitment to sustainably produced local food doesn't end in the kitchen -- Hoffman served on the advisory board of the Union Square Greenmarket for 15 years, and has also been executive director of the Chef's Collaborative, which aims to build a more sustainable food supply.

Source: Grist

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