Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seasons Greetings from Brooklyn Green Team

Remember, be strong, no red meat! Influence your relatives. Need some help convincing why that 89c per pound ground chuck just isn't the best for the planet? Try showing them The Meatrix!

Monday, December 21, 2009

your shirt's imprint

every action we take has an impact. whether negative or positive. being green isn't just totes anymore. it's our clothing. the good news is that in a city like NYC, there are so many options, green clothing stores galore (Kaight, Camilla Boutique, AuH20, Playback Clothing and Nau for a limited time) and there's tons of vintage.

...environmental problems caused by the common cotton T-shirt range widely, from irrigation-based farming practices that strain water supplies and damage ecosystems, to overuse of chemical fertilizers, to water pollution from dye wastes:
  • Only about 10 percent of dye wastes are recycled, and about a third of the rest flows directly to the environment. In provinces like Xinjiang, this waste is a major contributor to industrial and municipal pollution so severe that nearly 1 in 4 of China’s 1.3 billion people drink contaminated water every day.
Did you know that conventional cotton from Africa is made with a lot less chemical fertilizer and pesticides than that from China?
  • The researchers found that the use of agrichemicals differed widely among major supply regions, with China’s own farmers dosing their fields with six times more fertilizer and pesticide than growers in sub-Saharan Africa. American farmers and others in Brazil fall somewhere in the middle.

Read more about your 1 Tequilla, 2 Tequilla, 3 Tequilla, Floor t-shirt on Mother Nature Network.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Teaching BK to Recycle!

I’m sure many of you, while dutifully putting your paper recyclables in the green bins, and metal, glass and plastic recyclables in the blue bins, have often wondered: When the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) picks these up, do they really go to a recycling center?

According to David Hurd, director of the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education (OROE) at the Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC) — which is not a city agency — they do.

“So many New Yorkers want to believe that the Department of Sanitation is actually not recycling the recyclables that they pick up,” he said. “That’s absolutely false.”

In some cases, people are recycling less or not recycling at all. So, through OROE, “What we try to do is basically get people to understand the program,” he explained. “To debunk the classic myth.”

CENYC, which is almost 40 years old, created OROE in 2006. Five outreach coordinators tackle each borough by community district, using a Residential Waste Characterization Study conducted by DSNY to target the districts that have low recycling diversion rates first.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Compost Bin Sale!

December 16th @ Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Ave, BK
Classroom 125

The NYC Compost Project is hosted by the NYC Compost Project in BK and funded by
NYC Department of Sanitation’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling.

Contact (718) 623-7260 or
Learn More.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Red Meat Eco-Challenge!

Reconsidering Red Meat Challenge

December - February

Moo-Moo Move over red meat: we’re taking a break. (We at the Green Team take great pride in our puns). This is not to say that we don’t love your delicious taste or how you flavor a broth. You're the potato's other half. But you are racking up some real carbon emissions. According to Treehugger, you, red meat, are the most resource-intensive food on the table and eating less of it can be the single most green move a person makes.

We're not saying there are not good farmers who raise you right, because there are. We’re just trying to prove that we, Brooklynites (New Yorkers, Americans) can cut back on our intake while we reassess our participation in the process of cow to table. We are excluding other types of meat from this Challenge: Chicken, fish, pork, turkey, and venison all remain fair game (again with the puns). Won't you join us?



A Study in New Scientist magazine reported that the production of one kilogram of beef produced as many greenhouse gases as three hours of driving.

Links between meat consumption and climate change have been widely known for many years, partly due to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest to make room for the livestock (

Meat production has increased by 500 percent since 1950 (Worldwatch Institute).

Approximately 30 percent of the earth’s ice-free land is directly or indirectly involved in livestock production. Livestock production generates nearly a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases — more than transportation. (New York Times)

Experts predict that by 2050 nearly twice as much meat will be produced as today, for a projected total of more than 465 million tons. (Worldwatch Institute)

Stuart B. Levy, M.D., who has studied the subject for years, estimates that there are 15-17 million pounds of antibiotics used sub-therapeutically in the United States each year. Evidence suggests that the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food animals can pose health risks to us. (PBS Frontline)

Livestock emit methane and other greenhouse gases through excrement and belching. The FAO estimates that cow manure and flatulence generate 30 to 40 percent of total methane emissions from human-influenced activities. (The New Standard)

This graph is a good one and it's courtesy of Good.

A pound of beef requires around 12,000 gallons of water to produce, compared to 60 gallons for a pound of potatoes or 278 gallons for one pound of chicken. Check out this graph.

Read) fine out what author Jonathan Safran Foer has to say about the subject of factory farms in his new book, Eating Animals. Then there's always Michael Pollan.

Videos - For Our Digital Age

ABC News Clip about Beef

Meat the Facts on Global Warming


Meat Alternatives lists brands of meat alternatives by country and product. Explore the site to find out what vegans are eating in Belgium or Maritius.

Eco Salon posts delicious alternatives to add variety to your diet, including quinoa, almonds, legumes and more.

The Vegetarian Times is an excellent resource for healthy eating with resource pages to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet.

So, this winter, leave the meat, take the cannolis.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green News Round Up

Bike Lanes 86ed On Bedford [FREEwilliamsburg]

Sustainable Design Continues Growing Despite Economy [New York Construction]

Survey Finds Manhattan Bike Lanes Regularly Blocked [Daily News]

It’s Time for DOT to Think Big at Grand Army Plaza [StreetsBlog]

New Environmental Chief Causes Stir [NY Times]

Police Crackdown on Pedicabs [NY Post]

Five Companies Eyed for Newtown Creek Cleanup [Daily News]

Commuting by Bike Continues to Increase [Daily News]

State's Energy Efficiency Ranking [Report-American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy]

Pedestrian Safety [Report-Transportation For America and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership]

Compiled by Rebeccah Welch

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet the DOE’s Director of Sustainability Ozgem Ornektekin!

Are you in the education field? If so, you might want to meet this guy.

Join the UFT Green Schools Committe Meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4:30pm @ UFT – 52 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

Please RSVP:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Passive Houses in NYC

the euro energy and cash saving building standard starts gaining traction in NY.

Buildings generate most greenhouse gas emissions in the city. A handful of local architects is convinced that the German "passive house" standard might be the purest way to dramatically cut home energy use. They think passive houses accomplish what many LEED rated green buildings don't: they cut energy consumption directly though a low-tech, cost-effective approach that makes the walls, roof and ground floor airtight and rooms comfortable with minimal need for heating or air conditioning. . .

Right now there's only 6 certified homes in the U.S. Architect Sam Bargetz is using the technique to make Andrew bulger's 1,600 square foot pad in Greenpoint.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Make Parking Easier

Park Slope is considered the worst neighborhood for parking in NYC. It takes an average of 27 minutes to find street parking. Approximately 64% of traffic is caused by drivers looking for a spot.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bushwick Farmers Market

Live in Bushwick? why get your apples from a corner store? The Bushwick Farmers Market is open til Christmas this year. Learn More.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updates from NYC Leaves

It's been an impressive effort, so far, of community gardens citywide. Several tons of leaves have already been harvested for compost! However, as there are limits to what we volunteers can do (the City used to collect 20,000 tons of leaves each year, and the absence of compost givebacks are most felt by underserved communities), some of us are realizing that the City oughtto reinstate their collection.

A lawyer from the Brooklyn Food Coalition has drafted a bill which would make fall leaf compost collection required by law in NYC!

In order to present this proposed bill to City Council, organizations throughout the city are voicing support. So far, Added Value, the Lower East Side EcologyCenter, East New York Farms, Just Food, Earth Matter NY and the North Brooklyn Compost Project have added a vote of approval.

Nice Work Project Leaf Drop!

get involved here:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Interview with GrowInStyle

We virtually sat down Brooklyn-based mom operated business, They specialize in creating organic eco friendly baby shower centerpieces and we also carry other all natural baby products.

Q: How did the idea of GrowInStyle come about? When did you launch?
A: In 2007, while pregnant with our second baby, I started to compile a list of natural, organic and safe products that I would like to have ready for when our bundle of joy arrives. With the vast amount of research that was available to us regarding all the harmful toxins that were found in toys, bottles, pacifiers and other baby products, I was on a hunt for safer alternatives. Out of the desire of wanting to give my children the safest products, was born. I wanted to provide soon-to-be parents with the opportunity to receive a gift that was guaranteed to be all safe and natural so that they can start their lives of pure.

Q. Who are your customers thus far? Is it people who already care about their environmental impact or are you also getting people just because they like your product?
A: I would say we have a mix of both. There are those who are generally searching for a baby gift and come upon our website to be pleasantly surprised with the great selection of Eco Friendly baby gifts. Then there are those who are specifically looking for green baby gifts and Eco Friendly baby shower pieces because the expecting parents are very conscious of their environmental footprint.

Q: Do you think your message gets spread through each party?
A: I believe that all of the recipients of our environmentally friendly baby gifts are delighted by the thoughtful gesture of the sender.

Q: What's your favorite part about running this business?
A: I am a work-at-home mom, and this business provides me with the opportunity to do what i love most; watch my kids grow while being able to create baby-safe gifts.

Q: So what's the story with the diaper cake?
A diaper cake makes a very thoughtful, useful and unforgettable baby shower gift or a baby shower centerpiece. Every item in the diaper cake will get used by the new parent as oppose to the traditional bouquets of flowers which get thrown out just a few days later.

Have a shower coming up? Check them out.

Volunteer at East New York Farms on Saturday

We are having our last open volunteer day this Saturday, November 21st, from 10am-2pm at the UCC Youth Farm. We will be painting our rainwater harvest system, building compost piles, spreading woodchips, and generally preparing the garden for the winter. We'd love to see you one last time!

Directions: Take the #3 train to Van Siclen Avenue. After exiting through the turnstyles, take the stairs to the right. At the bottom of the stairs continue walking straight, you will be on Van Siclen Avenue. At the corner, take a left onto New Lots Avenue and walk two blocks to the corner of New Lots and Schenck Avenues. Our office is the brightly painted building that says “United Community Centers.” The UCC Youth Farm and our farmers market (Saturdays June
– Nov) are here too, just around the corner on Schenck Avenue between New Lots and Livonia.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

850,000 single-use styrofoam trays used everyday in NYC X 180 school days =

Check out the Styrofoam Out of Schools NYC site to learn more.

Sign the petition.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drop your Rechargables and Phones at Greenmarkets

Beginning this week, the Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC) is placing collection boxes to recycle old rechargeable batteries and cell phones at select Greenmarket farmers markets across the city.

CENYC has joined the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s (RBRC) national Call2Recycleprogram which will help NYC residents conveniently recycle their cell phones and portable rechargeable batteries. All of the materials collected through the Call2Recycle program are recycled and used to create other types of materials, including new batteries and scrap metal. None of the material broken down from the recycling of rechargeable batteries and cell phones makes its ways into landfills.

BK sites:



Brooklyn Borough Hall

Court & Montague



Brooklyn Borough Hall

Court & Montague

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket
NW Entrance to Prospect Park


Fort Greene Park Greenmarket
Washington Park at DeKalb

McCarren Park Greenmarket
Driggs & Union

Monday, November 16, 2009

VT Comes to BK

Green Mountain Energy Company Launches in New York City

Residents and businesses in Brooklyn now have a new option for choosing renewable energy. Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s leading provider of cleaner energy, is now available in the Con Edison service territory and offers Brooklyn customers a choice of competitively-priced renewable energy products. With the company’s entrance into the market, Green Mountain becomes the first and only electric services company in New York City that is focused solely on providing cleaner electricity products to customers.

You can opt to get your power from them. Check them out and see for yourself.

Learn More at

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eco School Site

Eco-Schools USA Program launched this week by the National Wildlife Federation. It is the new U. S. component of an international network of 30,000
schools in 43 nations. Individuals can register on the Eco-schools USA site and join up with other green school programs evolving across America.

The Eco-Schools USA goals are simple:
1) green the school buildings,
2) green the school grounds
c) green the educational programming at registered schools.

The program encompasses a rich set of educational "pathways" such as energy, water, green hour outdoors and climate change -- and we have some terrific new partners including, Facing the Future, Al Gore's Climate Project, and the HSBC climate initiative.

Check it out

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge Park Makes Recycling a Priority

Although only a tiny fraction of Big Apple parks recycle, a new one now under construction along the Brooklyn waterfront is set to take being green to another level.

The planned 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is set to partially open this winter after two decades of planning, is being partially built with recycled materials. This includes scraps from former pier sheds that were torn down to make way for the park.

The park will also feature an irrigation system relying on recycled rainwater and an on-site recycling system for its waste. . .

Learn More at NYPost.

Learn More about the Park.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Know Your Stuff for America Recycles Day

CENYC's Office of Recycling Outreach and Education publish a great NYC Recycling Updates...Here's one article:

Recycling and the Climate Change Connection

Evidence continues to mount that the simple acts of buying wisely and choosing the recycling bin over the garbage container can go a long way towards keeping the planet cooler. Two recent studies suggest that 37-44% of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions result from products and packaging. The reports, issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Product Policy Institute (PPI), examine the lifecycle of products from extraction of raw materials through transport and disposal. While just 5% of U.S. GHG emissions come from residential energy use, 29% are created by the provision of goods that we buy and throw away (excluding food). In 2006 U.S. municipal recycling programs resulted in the avoidance of 183 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (MMTCO2E) in GHG emissions. The report estimates that a 50-100% increase in recycling would avoid another 70-300 MMTCO2E. Changes in packaging and product stewardship by manufacturers would further reduce emissions.

Click here to learn what you can recycle in NYC.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Band of Bicycles

Our friends at GreenEdge publish a monthly leaflet and we wanted to share this community group spotlight with you...

Band of Bicycles

By Teddi Ginsberg
Photo Credits: Band of Bicycles

As the price of transportation rises and income, for many,decreases, commuters are looking for creative solutions to reduce transit expenses. Band of Bicycles is a collaborative that brings together people from different walks of life based on their love for – you guessed it – bicycles!

Band of Bicycles is an ensemble of creative individuals ranging from circus performers to inventors to community organizers. The organization also runs a community bike shop in East Williamsburg and plans events for clients such as the 2009 Green Market Tour. Their prestigious clients include Google, NYU and the Central Park Conservatory, and their events, as their website says “ Band of Bicycles runs a blog that does double duty as an events calendar and a virtual bulletin board of sorts.

Intrigued, I tracked down Travis, Managing Director of Band of Bicycles to get the scoop on this group. Each friendly email I exchanged with various members was signed with salutations like “Cucumbers” or “Potatoes” rather than the usual “Thanks” or “Sincerely”. “We promote awareness in issues of sustainability through off-the-grid and mobile performances and art installations, workshops in schools and in collaboration with other community groups,” Travis says. In addition to bike advocacy and safety awareness, the group’s approach to their message is vibrant and fun: they stage artistic events and exhibits in communities around New York. According to Travis, “We channel our joyful and creative vision, energy, and enthusiasm through art, activism, music, and technology in the hopes of creating and sustaining a more livable, healthy, and vibrant city.”

Turning Passion into Action

Travis discovered Band of Bicycles by word of mouth through art and activism circles around the City. “My favorite part about Band of Bicycles is being among such a passionate group of people with such a wide variety of talents. My quality of life has improved tremendously since being a part of this group.”

But, Band of Bicycles is more than just a collective of artists who love two-wheeled transit. “We give back to the community by providing free bike repair workshops and community rides, and through our collaboration with farmers’ markets, community gardens, farms, block associations, community centers, schools, and non-profit groups,” Travis explains. This collective has teamed up with other local organizations such as EcoStation: NY, CENYC, Earth Matter, Transportation Alternatives, Times Up!, and Irondale for many of their events.

Teddi Ginsberg is a freelance writer and creator of lifestyle blog Jewish Girl in Wasp’s Clothing.

Read the full leaflet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

America Recycles Day!!!!

This Sunday recycling pandemonium will sweep streets across the U.S. Don't miss out!

America Recycles Day (ARD), November 15, is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products. Celebrating its 12th year, it has grown to include millions of Americans pledging to increase their recycling habits at home and work and to buy products made with recycled materials. Through America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. (KAB) and the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) support local communities and raises awareness by educating citizens about the benefits of recycling. Volunteer America Recycles Day coordinators are positioned throughout the country and work to organize recycling awareness events in their schools and communities, and in conjunction with their local municipalities.

On November 15 each year, millions of people become better informed about the importance of daily recycling and buying recycled products. The purpose of America Recycles Day is to continue to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling and encourage more people to join the movement toward creating a better natural environment.

What does it mean for you?

You can also find out how to increase your recycling by learning about composting (which you can drop off at the Union Square Greenmarket), textile recycling collection sites around the city, plastic recycling, and cool recycled products here in BK. You can also take the official pledge!

Happy Days!

Learn more about the day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Calling NYC All Eco-Vendors

Green Finds Eco Market Place

November 12 to Dec 24

Wants You!

The folks who run (eco)mpassion sample sale shop in lower Manhattan have decided to create an Eco Market Place this holiday season.

How does it work?

- Rent a table for $350 per week. We are open Thursday to Sunday

- No Commitment just try a week and see.

- Need more than a table? We can make a price based on sqft used

- Need staff? We can help place staff or manage your area for a small fee

Media outreach: Ike Rodriguez has been a pioneer in retail concepts and has always been well received by the press. He founded Find Outlet, a chain of outlet boutiques. Green an online eco sample sale site and (eco)mpassion socially conscious designer sample sales.

We plan on getting a lot of media attention on the Eco market place concept, there is no other like it in NYC. Your brand will be featured in all of our media outreach and press releases.

Online Sale: As a participant you also have the opportunity to be featured for an online sale on reaching thousands of shoppers at their desktops.

If you sign up by the 5th you will receive 20% off your first week, so that’s $280 for your first week, $70 per day.

To sign up or for more details, please contact Ike. or 917 226 9765

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pee in the Shower! Save the Atlantic Rainforest!

New TV ads are encouraging Brazilians to save water - by urinating in the shower.

Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Atlantica says the campaign, running on several television stations, uses humor to persuade people to reduce flushes.

The group says if a household avoids one flush a day, it can save up to 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water annually.

Just something to think about...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rare E-Waste Collection Opportunity Next Week!

Tuesday, November 10 @ 11am-7pm

Church of the Heavenly Rest, 90th Street and Fifth Avenue
Contact: Carnegie Hill Neighbors, 212-996-5520

Sponsored by: Carnegie Hill Neighbors, The Brick Presbyterian Church,
The Church of the Heavenly Rest, Carnegie Hill/Yorkville CSA, Grass-roots

Bring cell phones, computers, laptops, copiers, fax machines, IPods and PDAs, modems, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, stereo and radio equipment, telephones and telephone equipment, televisions, typewriters, speakers, digital cameras, VCRs, DVD players. All E-Waste collected will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner in the U.S.

Keep electronic waste out of landfills. Spread the word; hang up this
flyer in your home, school and workplace!

Learn More.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Yorkers to Pay an Extra 5 Cents for Bottled Water

According to Earth 911: Starting Oct. 31, the New York State Government will charge a 5-cent deposit fee for all bottled water purchased in the state.

In an effort to combat its looming $3 billion deficit, the state passed its Refundable Container Act (Bottle Bill) earlier this year. The law was dubbed a “Bigger, Better Bottle Bill.”

While the law was due to take effect in June, the beverage industry filed a lawsuit, calling the bill “unconstitutional” because it excluded beverages with sugar added. This move put the law on hold until April 2010 in order to give time for manufacturers to make the necessary adjustments. . .

Nationally, Americans buy an estimated 28 billion plastic water bottles every year. An estimated eight out of every 10 bottles will end up in a landfill. Other states, such as California, Connecticut, Oregon and Delaware, have adopted bottle bills to increase recycling while supplying extra cash for state budgets.

Source: Earth 911

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NYCLeaves: Project LeafDrop Are Picking Up Where the City's Leaving Off

No pun intended, cough cough...

NYCLeaves: Project LeafDrop, a new coalition of community gardens and greening groups dedicated to moving fallen leaves from the trash bin to the compost bin, is building a growing network of community gardens that will take in some of the 20,000 tons of residential leaves that would otherwise go to landfills and turn them into beautiful, rich compost or mulch for garden beds and street trees. Community gardens participating in “Project LeafDrop”, welcome neighborhood residents to bring their bagged leaves (in clear plastic or paper bags without twigs or trash) to their gardens on specific dates in November.

Until 2007, NYC had collected and composted residential leaves, but since that program was discontinued due to budget cuts, some community gardens are inviting neighbors to bring their leaves to their gardens where the leaves will nourish our urban oases and be kept out of the wastestream.

Garden groups wishing to join Project LeafDrop and register as a drop-off site, to find specific drop-off dates at a participating garden near you, or for more information about the project, see the group’s website: or email them at

Information will be available at many of the participating gardens about how to make compost in your own garden or apartment and about efforts to encourage the City to reinstate its municipal leaf collection and composting program.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Minute Green Event in the Slope Tonight

Climate Change: Picturing the Science

With editors Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe, and author Frank Zeman

Tonight at 7!
Community Bookstore, 143 7th Avenue (Carroll & Garfield)
Free wine & cheese at readings!

The first book anyone seeking a layman's understanding of the science of global warming should read…one of the most reasonable, unflappable, pleasantly humorous and least stuffy experts in any subject that we've met. ––Popular Mechanics

[A] masterful account of the science of climate change…It will leave you both in awe of the Earth we inhabit and of the science itself, with all of its uncertainties and incomplete answers. ––Seed Magazine

Schmidt, a climate scientist at NASA, and photographer Wolfe seek to advance public education about human-induced climate change in a combination of arresting images and lucid explanations of the science of global warming and the pursuit of global cooperation in adopting new, sustainable ways of living. With contributions by 16 scientists, engineers, writers, activists, and photographers, Schmidt and Wolfe address a host of observable changes, from the melting of ice and permafrost at the poles to the rising of sea levels in cities such as Venice and Miami. From discussions of increasing drought, forest fires, and extreme storms to the deadly buildup of industrial and agriculture chemicals, the coverage is clear and bracing. And it’s inspiring to learn about the work of these cutting-edge experts as they marvel over the finely calibrated checks and balances of the earth’s systems, elucidate the ways human-induced climate change is making the planet less conducive to life, and chronicle inventive approaches to averting environmental catastrophe. In the midst of sobering reportage, the authors manage to appeal to our fascination with epic challenges. --Donna Seaman

Frank Zeman, Ph.D., director of the Center for Metropolitan Sustainability, authored the chapter, "Getting Our Technological Fix."

NYC Green News Round-Up

EPA, Bloomberg Compete to Clean Gowanus [Brownstoner]

St. John's Soup Kitchen First to Implement Green Design [gbNYC]

Paterson Proposes Environmental Cuts, Advocates Sneer [NY Times]

City Awarded $105 Million in Exxon Mobil Lawsuit [NY TImes]

Electric Bikes Gain Favor on City Streets [NY Times]

Tree Pit Gardening on MacDonough Street [Bed-Stuy Blog]

Bloomberg's Environmental Record [NY Times]

Gowanus Canal: An Area of Transition [Cobble Hill Blog]

McBrooklyn Has Where to Get a Flu Shot Information [BVIB]

Urban Divers Enviromedia Mobile Debuts! [Found in Brooklyn]

Gas Company Decides It Won't Drill in New York Watershed [NY Times]

East River State Park Makeover [Brownstoner]

State Crowns Two Brooklyn Trees as Champions [NY Times]

compiled by Rebeccah Welch