Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pick Your Paper Wisely

Since the paperless office has yet to become a reality, the world's forests continue to be under threat from logging, and scientists understand better than ever how important forests are not only to wildlife and clean air, but also the global climate, companies need to make responsible choices.

The World Resource Institute and the World Business Council recently published a list of 10 questions that should be asked before making paper purchases:

Origin: Where do the products come from?
Information accuracy: Is information about the products credible?
Legality: Have the products been legally produced?
Sustainability: Have forests been sustainably managed?
Special places: Have special places, including sensitive ecosystems, been protected?
Climate change: Have climate issues been addressed?
Environmental protection: Have appropriate environmental controls been applied?
Recycled fiber: Has recycled fiber been used appropriately?
Other resources: Have other resources been used appropriately?
Local communities and indigenous peoples: Have the needs of local communities or indigenous peoples been addressed?

Take that, Staples.

Source: Daily Green

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