Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A novel idea. turning off the television. According to National Geographic's The Human Footprint, the average American watches 12 years of television in thier lifetime. Let's repeat that - 12 years of television!
Think about a minimum of 30 minutes you’re spending watching television and, for some, several hours per day. Even if you don't participate (afterall, American Idol is getting down to the wire), here are some alternatives if you decide to reduce your consumption...
What else could you be doing?
Start an exercise plan.
Prepare meals.
Read a book you’ve always wanted to read.
Start a second business.
Be social.
Take an evening class.
Learn a new skill or a new hobby.
Take on a major project.
Get things done.
CNN reports that an experiment in South Korea where an educational channel reported that 10 households stopped watching television for three weeks, the result. . . "My eyes used to be glued to the TV but now I look at my wife, and find her prettier than before," the village leader, Choi Dae-mun, told the newspaper.

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