Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Overfishing for Fish

This months' Arrive Magazine - Amtrak's official publication, was a green one - printed on recycled paper and everything. One of its feature articles was on a group of resaturant owners and chefs concerned by overfishing and the effect it has on the ecosystem. In response to the problem of overfishing and our obsession with fish such as tuna and salmon, they use what is seasonal and plentiful as a solution in thier restaurants. Here are some snippits..."They walk into a market in the middle of February and say, 'Why don't you have any wild salmon?"" Seaver says. They're out to see! You don't walk into a farmers market in the middle of December and say, 'where are the strawberries?'."... Understanding is the start. I will continue my fish mandate, but before I head to the counter, starting through glass at an icy sea of monotony, I will educate myself. What is the season for tuna? (Summer, mostly.) Which salmon should I buy? (Wild. Linecaught.) And maybe, as I learn more, so will my friends. And the fishmonger. And a few more of his customers. Perhaps soon, what the fishmonger stocks won't be flounder, scrod, tuna and salmon. It'll be what the customers really wan: seafood that will be around when they pass their recipes down to their children and grandchildren. Farm-raised tilapia. Wild-caught striped bass. "


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