Friday, September 7, 2007

Clean Green

According to Seventh Generation’s newsletter, The Non-Toxic Times, new study has found that literally dozens of popular household cleaners contain undisclosed toxins that have been linked to asthma, fertility and other problems. The new report, from Montana-based non-profit Women’s Voices for the Earth, examined Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for dozens of top-selling conventional cleaning products and found that most of formulas they studied contain one or more chemicals linked to any number of negative health effects. Since federal regs. do not require cleaning product manufacturers to fully disclose all the ingredients their formulas contain on product labels, an MSDS for a particular product is usually the best and often only way to figure out hazardous contents. In studying cleaning product MSDS, they found that a number of chemicals linked to asthma and reproductive disorders kept appearing. Because manufacturers rarely list al ingredient, there’s only one thing consumers can do: Only buy products whose labels tell you everything they contain. Don’t rely on promises of safety or environmental benefits. Even products marketed as earth-friendly can contain toxic ingredients. What does this mean? Buy Seventh Generation – or start cleaning your floors with hot water, baking powder and lemon juice!

To obtain a free on-line copy of the new study,

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