Friday, September 21, 2007

Inspirational Reconfiguring

A nonprofit organization, Per Scholas, which recently became an EPA certified organization, is just about as good a group of do-gooders as it gets. The Bronx-based organization was there at the 3d Annual Brooklyn Green conference at Borough Hall today. In a lecture, I found out that they collect computers companies and individuals are throwing out and recycle them down to plastic, glass, metal, and sell those off to be made into other things. The remaining 7% of "schmootz" as the guy called it, is treated so that it is non-toxic. Not only do they save dangerous toxins from entering the landfill and eventually our water and earth, they also sell reconfigured pentium 3's to needy families for very low cost, so that thier kids can do schoolwork, and parents can look for jobs. THEN, when you thought they couldn't get any better, they also offer free training to unemployed persons in the area to rebuild and repair computers - its an 18-week long course and the only requirement is that you show up every day on time. Many of these individuals have gotten subsequent jobs and degrees. I was very inspired by this group. You can make arrangements to drop off your computer to perscholas as well.

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