Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New NYC Bike Lane

In Chelsea, a new bike lane along 9th Avenue (running between 16th Street to 23rd) is due to be constructed beginning next week. The bike lane will use a row of parked cars as well as cones and planters as a buffer between cyclists and cars. It's a start!



EscaladeLover said...

With China developing and industrializing and India not far behind bike routes don't sound like they will do much to help save the environment. Is the "Brooklyn Green Team" going to feel or suffer any moral or ethical crisis if a "good samaritan" is paved by a SUV? (hypothetically)I am going to buy my Turkey from Wal-mart for 12$ with five low efficiency regular old light bulbs lighting up the table. I would invite Al Gore over but his private jet would be too harmful to the environment. You should consider shifting your resources to Feed the Children where there will be a real both immediate and lasting difference. I am sure Hilary will make a big difference if she was to become Mrs. President. I am sure you are all routing for her. After all, Willy did so much for the environment when he was president. Everything was great then. We were quick to cut in run if something went wrong in war and it was just an overall feel good society. You should send her one of those capes to wear on her campaign. Than she can join your "league of green" superheroes club. Finally, because I am getting tired of making fun of this, consider this? You can all convert to Amish, no war, no lights just old fashion sexism and hard labor. The way life was before all of this technology got in the way of "the good life."

Peace out

-The black team-

Tacoluva said...

As an active lesbian and native of the State of Vermont, I am happy to see other lesbians out there making a difference. Although I have to admit I don't know if that one getting water is a guy or not.