Saturday, April 4, 2009

The ReMix Campaign Update

Verso Paper Corp., Time Inc. and the National Recycling Coalition announced magazine and catalog recycling has boosted to 29.3 percent due in large part to the January launch of the New York City ReMix campaign.

The ReMix (Recycling Magazines is Excellent!) campaign started as the result of a study conducted by Time Inc. and Verso. The study found that 95 percent of all unsold magazines are recycled by the publishers. However, only 17 percent of sold magazines are recycled.

ReMix is partnering with major publishing houses such as the Hearst Corporation to take out full-page public service advertisements in popular magazines such asCosmopolitanSports Illustrated and Country Living. ReMix is also making its statements on billboards, city buses, subway stations, cable television and other media outlets.

The ReMix campaign is by no means inexperienced when it comes to getting the word out for recycling. It has also been successful in Boston, Prince George’s County, Md., Milwaukee and Portland, Ore. The campaign can now add New York to its list as another victory.

The results have been impressive as New Yorkers embrace recycling in an effort to green their city. According to David Hurd, director of the Council on the Environment of New York City’s (CENY) Office of Recycling Outreach and Education (OROE), New Yorkers just needed some guidance with their recycling efforts.

“We know from our outreach efforts that people support recycling, but often are unsure what types of paper products can be recycled,” Hurd says. “Thanks in large part to ReMix, New Yorkers now clearly know how easy it is to recycle their magazines and catalogs right along with their other paper recycling.”

Source: Earth911

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