Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raising Greener Kids

A new edition to the blog, guests! Our friends at Green Apple Kids have joined us...enjoy      Guest Blogger Cindy del Rosario Tapan of Green Apple Kids

My two-year-old daughter, Amihan, likes to take the garbage out. Of
course, since we are in an apartment building, and the trash compactor
is just a few feet away – it’s a relatively painless thing to do. But
as she grows and becomes increasingly curious (and increasingly
chatty) about the world around her, I can’t help but think about how
different her world is from the one that I have come to know.

Recycling is a fairly new idea, and when I was little – the thought of
separating the trash would have probably seemed a little ridiculous.
In fact, some people might think it still is.  But every time I give
Amihan a piece of garbage, I have to distinguish whether it goes in
the regular garbage or the recycling bin. As we dump our unwanted
stuff into one of the three containers in our refuse room, she asks,
“What’s that for?” and “Why that go there?”

It might seem like a relatively small step, but I’d like to think that
in explaining that this bin is for the paper items, that bin is for
the plastic and glass items, and that chute is for all the other stuff
– she’s learning a little more about how to care for the planet. She’s
learning things that I have just come to understand myself.

That’s why I’m working with Green Apple Kids to teach children of all
ages the many fun, easy ways to go green. We host workshops that
demonstrate a slew of different eco-friendly ideas for our youngest
minds. Our next one is this Saturday, May 2nd, and we’ll be learning
about the power of the wind. Kids will be able to make this neat
little device called an anemometer, from reusable objects. I hope you
can join us. We’ll be at the Williamsburg Branch of the Brooklyn
Public Library at noon.

I’ll be guest blogging here on behalf of Green Apple Kids from time to
time. Our slogan is, “Greening young minds before they are polluted.”
It is my hope that my little girl’s mind will stay clean for some

Learn more about Green Apple Kids.
Learn more about Recycling at CENYC's Office of Recycling Education and Outreach.
Find some cool recycling activities for youth at EPA.

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