Saturday, April 4, 2009

Curbside Compost

As we enter the age of Yes We Can, with a new president at the helm who actually wants to know what the American people think, I can't think of a better time for New Yorkers to start contacting their congressmen and women and request New York City begin to lay the groundwork for a curbside composting program.

San Francisco sets an amazing example. About 2,000 restaurants, 2,080 apartment buildings, and 50,000 single-family homes participate in curbside composting, in which food scraps are simply placed in a special bin alongside garbage and recycling bins. Their food scraps are collected and turned into compost for local framers which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In one year, 105,000 tons of food scraps and yard trimmings get turned into 20,000 tons of compost for 10,000 acres. And here is the truly amazing part: the farmers sell the resulting crops back to Bay area markets and restaurants, making a full circle of food returning to food!

Remember, the more waste we keep out of landfills, the more methane we keep out of the atmosphere and the water supply.

Read more about San Francisco's composting program.

Click here for a list of New York's senators and representatives.

Learn more about NYC composting.

Learn more about the Lower East Side Ecology Center


JESI said...

Please sign the petition!!

Dear Community Gardeners and Friends,

Composting in NYC as we know it is no more! Leaf collection and Give Back Days have been canceled and the whole NYC Compost Project has taken a huge budgetary hit (they have basically been asked to stretch their already reduced 2009 budget through the 2010 fiscal year with no guarantee of renewed funding!!). However, we are resolved to demonstrate that compost is no small thing in a city chock full of community gardens and green spaces. Let’s tell City Council and the Department of Sanitation that it is essential for keeping our gardens healthy and productive, and our communities beautiful! And let’s do it now before the NYC Compost Project is lost for good.

We need thousands of signatures of concerned gardeners, friends and residents, so the city can see, without question, how important compost is to our gardens and communities. We believe with a modest effort on the part of many, we will be able to encourage the City to fund composting in NYC again.

Want more info?
Check out the attachment for the “Compost in NYC Fact Sheet”


o Sign the Online Petition

o Spread the Word: Email family and friends the link to the online petition and encourage them to sign; place the link on your personal blog or on your community garden’s blog or website.

o Collect Names: Collect signatures of fellow gardeners; if you have an upcoming garden event or market have interested attendees sign; bring a petition along to other upcoming spring gardening events! (Please email Tina at the address at the bottom to receive an attachment of the petition.)

o Write Letters Right to the Source: Write a letter as a garden, an individual or a group of individuals to send to Council and the Department of Sanitation.

And most importantly…

o Keep Composting!!

East New York Farms! thanks you all for your continued commitment to the proliferation of green spaces and to the collective effort of getting compost back onto the city’s agenda.

With appreciation,

The Team at East New York Farms!

East New York Farms!
United Community Center
613 New Lots Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11207
(718) 649-7979

Questions, suggestions or concerns? Please contact Tina von Roedern, ENYF Compost Intern at

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