Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Trip to the Barge

One Green Team member flew over to the West Side, landing on Pier 84 with minutes to spare until the free daily tour about the Science Barge. Well worth the trip, any visit will learn just how amazing this vessel is. First everything on it is salvaged or eco-friendly. The office is a discarded shipping container, the picnic tables are made from recycled plasic, the wood for the doors and windows was purchased at Build it Green NYC. The power sources? Solar panels that move with the sun, wind turbines (that don't get much action more of a demo), and a biodeisel engine which uses waste cooking oil. They use rain cisterns to water their plants, but when there's no rain they use a filter with pores sooo tiny even a virus cannot get in - the result? Hudson River water cleaner than your tap! Onboard they grow tomatoes, melons, cucumbers (vertically to save room!), bok choy and other leafy greens. To do this, they use a matter made from rocks which the seeds are placed into. the roots are exposed and the plants are fed by water filled with nutrients courtesy of some catfish - no soil. Very cutting edge science, worth checking out.

Till the next floating, self-sustaining scientific vessel...

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