Monday, June 2, 2008

I Heart PV For a Solar-Powered New York
PV stands for photovoltaics, an advanced solar power technology that converts sunlight into electricity. I Heart PV is a citizen driven advocacy campaign, launched by Solar1, striving to achieve legislation supporting the broad adoption of clean, renewable solar power in the world's greatest city and throughout New York State.
Why PV?
Less air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,
Greater security against rising electricity costs and power failures, and
More jobs and economic development in the Big Apple and throughout the Empire State.
The I Heart PV campaign aims to realize NY's solar power potential through direct legislative action. To find out more about I Heart PV's specific actions and how you can get involved visit or contact

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mi said...

i get salads everyday from THE FRUIT EXCHANGE in the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave. in Manhattan. they have good food. they have clear plastic containers for their bar food. i either bring tupperware, sometimes more heavy because they weigh it, or i try and save the plastic container somewhere in the office so i only use about one a week instead of five.

what else does my brain need to do beside plan little things like this. it is fun.