Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birds, Turtles, and Racoons...

Are some of the animals you will spot at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. One Green Team member flew out and landed on the Osprey platform taking in the expansive 9,000 acre natural refuge. There are over 260 species of birds there, lots of interesting vegetation including prickly pear cactus, and its terrapin breeding season right now. Along the way, we spotted three terrapins (a kind of turtle), one of which had just buried its eggs and was patting dirt over them to keep them safe and out of site. A huge racoon trotted along the path...ah nature. The visitors center is green as well. The lobby floor is bamoo, the titles are made from cork, the counters and shelves are made from sycamore (which causes little stress on the earth) and wheat board (which smells like hay!). There is lots of natural light, sensor activated lights and skylights, and they use geothermal heating. Take the A train one stop past JFK and its about a 1/2 mile walk. There is a picnic area before you enter the refuge where you can sit and eat. A great way to spend time out in nature right here in NYC. And its free (but you should make a donation). Learn More.

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