Saturday, June 14, 2008

Broadway's Doing it Right

Dr. Allen Hershkowitz from the Natural Resources Defense Council joined Broadway producer David Stone and a few others to host an informal gathering about the future of Broadway’s environmental initiative.

Stone said that he was inspired after watching An Inconvenient Truth and immediately adapted more eco-friendly practices into his hit musical Wicked, including partnering with the New York Restoration Project to restore a public community garden at West 150th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in upper Manhattan.

Broadway producers, organizers and theater owners from across the board were all present and spoke about ways they were planning to make a difference. The team at Wicked talked about how they’ve embraced a myriad of changes such as, consuming less paper by use of email, creating a hazard waste disposal pickup, recycling just about everything, incorporating the use of electric timers and replacing many light bulbs with eco-friedly alternatives.

Source: Ecorazzi

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