Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Hot As Hell...

We wonder why....

EPA and Sally Glover, founder and editor of Living Green Toronto, has some suggestions on beating the heat and keeping the environment in mind as much as possible while doing so.

Reduce your home power use to help reduce brownouts or blackouts and smog/air pollution. Turn off nonessential lights, televisions, games, and computers, and unplug chargers.

Try taking an alternative form of transportation to work, such as a bus, train, bike, or even walking.

Throw open doors and windows in the evening and close them in the morning to seal in the cool night air. Keep your shades drawn during the day to prevent the sun from cooking through your windows.

Use ENERGY STAR approved fans to keep air circulating — they use 90 per cent less electricity than air conditioners. The Aerodynamic Turbo-Aire High Velocity Fan (available at Home Depot) uses less electricity than a 100W light bulb and delivers 100 per cent more air than conventionally designed fans.

Install energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs around your home — regular incandescents give off more heat and add to your energy bill.

Drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing, and stay indoors

Stock your freezer with icy treats such as sliced watermelon or homemade fruit-juice popsicles.
Trees can provide relief from summer heat and reduce the amount of energy required to cool your home. According to some estimates, properly planted shade trees could save you 10 to 50 percent in air-conditioning costs.

Stay out of direct sun and wear organic/natural sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher

And one of our low-budget ones: wet a washcloth and apply to your face, works pretty well.

EPA Tips for Dealing with the Heat or visit Living Green Toronto

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