Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Minute Green Event in the Slope Tonight

Climate Change: Picturing the Science

With editors Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe, and author Frank Zeman

Tonight at 7!
Community Bookstore, 143 7th Avenue (Carroll & Garfield)
Free wine & cheese at readings!

The first book anyone seeking a layman's understanding of the science of global warming should read…one of the most reasonable, unflappable, pleasantly humorous and least stuffy experts in any subject that we've met. ––Popular Mechanics

[A] masterful account of the science of climate change…It will leave you both in awe of the Earth we inhabit and of the science itself, with all of its uncertainties and incomplete answers. ––Seed Magazine

Schmidt, a climate scientist at NASA, and photographer Wolfe seek to advance public education about human-induced climate change in a combination of arresting images and lucid explanations of the science of global warming and the pursuit of global cooperation in adopting new, sustainable ways of living. With contributions by 16 scientists, engineers, writers, activists, and photographers, Schmidt and Wolfe address a host of observable changes, from the melting of ice and permafrost at the poles to the rising of sea levels in cities such as Venice and Miami. From discussions of increasing drought, forest fires, and extreme storms to the deadly buildup of industrial and agriculture chemicals, the coverage is clear and bracing. And it’s inspiring to learn about the work of these cutting-edge experts as they marvel over the finely calibrated checks and balances of the earth’s systems, elucidate the ways human-induced climate change is making the planet less conducive to life, and chronicle inventive approaches to averting environmental catastrophe. In the midst of sobering reportage, the authors manage to appeal to our fascination with epic challenges. --Donna Seaman

Frank Zeman, Ph.D., director of the Center for Metropolitan Sustainability, authored the chapter, "Getting Our Technological Fix."

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