Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Band of Bicycles

Our friends at GreenEdge publish a monthly leaflet and we wanted to share this community group spotlight with you...

Band of Bicycles

By Teddi Ginsberg
Photo Credits: Band of Bicycles

As the price of transportation rises and income, for many,decreases, commuters are looking for creative solutions to reduce transit expenses. Band of Bicycles is a collaborative that brings together people from different walks of life based on their love for – you guessed it – bicycles!

Band of Bicycles is an ensemble of creative individuals ranging from circus performers to inventors to community organizers. The organization also runs a community bike shop in East Williamsburg and plans events for clients such as the 2009 Green Market Tour. Their prestigious clients include Google, NYU and the Central Park Conservatory, and their events, as their website says “ Band of Bicycles runs a blog that does double duty as an events calendar and a virtual bulletin board of sorts.

Intrigued, I tracked down Travis, Managing Director of Band of Bicycles to get the scoop on this group. Each friendly email I exchanged with various members was signed with salutations like “Cucumbers” or “Potatoes” rather than the usual “Thanks” or “Sincerely”. “We promote awareness in issues of sustainability through off-the-grid and mobile performances and art installations, workshops in schools and in collaboration with other community groups,” Travis says. In addition to bike advocacy and safety awareness, the group’s approach to their message is vibrant and fun: they stage artistic events and exhibits in communities around New York. According to Travis, “We channel our joyful and creative vision, energy, and enthusiasm through art, activism, music, and technology in the hopes of creating and sustaining a more livable, healthy, and vibrant city.”

Turning Passion into Action

Travis discovered Band of Bicycles by word of mouth through art and activism circles around the City. “My favorite part about Band of Bicycles is being among such a passionate group of people with such a wide variety of talents. My quality of life has improved tremendously since being a part of this group.”

But, Band of Bicycles is more than just a collective of artists who love two-wheeled transit. “We give back to the community by providing free bike repair workshops and community rides, and through our collaboration with farmers’ markets, community gardens, farms, block associations, community centers, schools, and non-profit groups,” Travis explains. This collective has teamed up with other local organizations such as EcoStation: NY, CENYC, Earth Matter, Transportation Alternatives, Times Up!, and Irondale for many of their events.

Teddi Ginsberg is a freelance writer and creator of lifestyle blog Jewish Girl in Wasp’s Clothing.

Read the full leaflet.


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