Friday, November 20, 2009

Interview with GrowInStyle

We virtually sat down Brooklyn-based mom operated business, They specialize in creating organic eco friendly baby shower centerpieces and we also carry other all natural baby products.

Q: How did the idea of GrowInStyle come about? When did you launch?
A: In 2007, while pregnant with our second baby, I started to compile a list of natural, organic and safe products that I would like to have ready for when our bundle of joy arrives. With the vast amount of research that was available to us regarding all the harmful toxins that were found in toys, bottles, pacifiers and other baby products, I was on a hunt for safer alternatives. Out of the desire of wanting to give my children the safest products, was born. I wanted to provide soon-to-be parents with the opportunity to receive a gift that was guaranteed to be all safe and natural so that they can start their lives of pure.

Q. Who are your customers thus far? Is it people who already care about their environmental impact or are you also getting people just because they like your product?
A: I would say we have a mix of both. There are those who are generally searching for a baby gift and come upon our website to be pleasantly surprised with the great selection of Eco Friendly baby gifts. Then there are those who are specifically looking for green baby gifts and Eco Friendly baby shower pieces because the expecting parents are very conscious of their environmental footprint.

Q: Do you think your message gets spread through each party?
A: I believe that all of the recipients of our environmentally friendly baby gifts are delighted by the thoughtful gesture of the sender.

Q: What's your favorite part about running this business?
A: I am a work-at-home mom, and this business provides me with the opportunity to do what i love most; watch my kids grow while being able to create baby-safe gifts.

Q: So what's the story with the diaper cake?
A diaper cake makes a very thoughtful, useful and unforgettable baby shower gift or a baby shower centerpiece. Every item in the diaper cake will get used by the new parent as oppose to the traditional bouquets of flowers which get thrown out just a few days later.

Have a shower coming up? Check them out.


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