Friday, November 14, 2008


To prepare you New Yorkers for the big event tomorrow (you can feel the excitement in the air, can't you?) - America Recycles Day! brought to you by the National Recycling Coalition when aluminum cans and cardboard boxes will be flying into recycling bins everywhere! TAKE THEIR RECYCLING PLEDGE!

Here are some helpful recycling tips for here in the Green Apple:

Pizza boxes are recyclable - if the bottom is really greasy, rip off the top and just put that in. Paper cups and plates are NOT recyclable - because they were holding your liquids. plus we know you don't use paper cups because you signed up for the Bring Your Own Mug Challenge!

ALL OTHER PAPER is recyclable

Take-out containers and plastic bags ARE NOT recyclable - only PLASTIC JUGS AND BOTTLES ARE!

Metal hangers (though you should first try to reuse yourself or return to a dry-cleaner for reuse), pots, cans, and EVEN ALUMINUM FOIL ARE recyclable!

When you see recycling mistakes happen - speak out! Talk to your neighbors, stick your hand in if you dare and remove non-recyclable items out of the bins and into the trash or vice-versa. Talk to your landlord! Sign up to be an OROE volunteer and school everyone! Get an OROE volunteer to lead a building-wide recycling training! Go ahead, look at the stickers on the bin, we dare you! Think its too overwhelming? Click here for the HOW-TO
Check out The Cycle, an animated step by step short by RecycleBank on the recycling process!

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