Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NYC Recycling - Going Where You Are

After the results of an initial test run of pubic space recycling have been reviewed by the Mayor and the City Council, the program may be expanded, subject to budget considerations, at sites that are likely to be successful based upon the feedback from the pilot study. Some sites include ferry terminals, Union Square and Columbus Park. In the meantime, the Department of Sanitation may test out a number of additional locations citywide to further study the operational challenges to expansion. In total, over 31,400 pounds of material was collected from the paper recycling bins over the 12 week pilot, 4.8% of which was improper materials and 95.2% was recyclable paper. Almost 18,700 pounds of material from was collected from the bottle and can recycling bins over the 12-week pilot, 37.5% of which consisted of improper materials and 62.5% was recyclable. Participation was, on average, good for paper recycling, and the material placed in the paper bins was relatively free of non-recyclable trash (contamination). Let's hope to see more of this.

Source: NYC.gov website

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