Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Brooklyn Center For The Urban Environment launches By going to, shoppers can support green business and manufacturers while limiting the environmental impact of their purchases and donating funds to Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment (where a certain BGT member happens to now work). All you have to do is log onto the website, look through the list of cool places to buy eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family, and be connected right to the website -- even iTunes! By doing so, each vendor donates up to 25% of the purchase price to help fund public environmental programs in New York City. 3R Living, Design Public and Vivavi, to iTunes, Greenloop, and Organic Bouquet, the list of vendors includes companies that demonstrate environmentally or socially conscious principles in their products or practices.

Some background: BCUE, a nearly 30 year old organization whose environmental education programs reach over 100,000 individuals and families across the city each year, created to facilitate consumer support for businesses and organizations that are working to protect the environment and foster environmental activism. The Center’s urban ecology and urban design programs are offered in over 260 New York City schools each year, family literacy and adolescent literacy sites across Brooklyn, weekly public urban tours that address New York City’s past, present and future, public awareness events like the annual Green Brooklyn conference and thematic integration at three Brooklyn high schools: the Academy for Environmental Leadership, the Academy of Urban Planning and The Green School.

Happy Shopping! and feel even better that you're contributing to an organization devoted to educating the next generation of eco-warriors.

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