Friday, November 2, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Mayor(s)

110 mayors are attending a two-day summit in Seattle specifically addressing climate change organized by the United States Conference of Mayors. "Our federal government has ignored the problem," Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said. Seattle says it has exceeded Kyoto goals itself, cutting greenhouse gas emissions to 8% below 1990 levels.

Most of the 110 Democratic and Republican mayors seem to have decided the need to act on global warming is urgent - or at least the need to show their voters they are taking an interest, our reporter adds. Kyoto "was the first time the community of nations came together to solve a common problem that didn't involve war and so the fact that the United States didn't join in... was a huge disappointment", Mr Nickels said at the start of the summit. “But that doesn't give us an excuse for taking no action."

Former US President Bill Clinton is due to address the conference with his ideas on how the US can lead on the issue. It is thought he will announce his Clinton Foundation is to become more involved with climate change research.

Source: BBC

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