Monday, August 27, 2007

First Meeting!

Amidst media frenzy, the Brooklyn Green Team Charter members arrived one by one from thier hybrid limos at the home of Johanna and William. Thanks to Johanna's efforts and culinary talents, Green Team members ate safe mushrooms and berries collected by Voutounou from the Clinton Hill area (along with mushroom risotto and beet and goat cheese salad, wine and cookies). Meeting attendees included Mike HJ Dowd, Johanna Voutounou, Melissa Browning, Noelle Gentile, and Amanda Gentile - Jennifer Bartels had to miss the teams first ever meeting in order to do much needed laundry. Issues discussed included the perils of plastic bags, organic wine and that its a good idea to drink it, and decided that each week there would be a new challenge. Then we posed the question of what to do with your incandescent lights - throw them away and replace them? or keep using them until they die. At a subsequent off-site annex meeting (the rental driving back from albany) five brave members of the Brooklyn Green Team made a pact not to buy new clothes until Christmas (other than new organic purchases on an as-needed basis). Excited by the thrill of a challenge, members noelle, amanda, and johanna will make a trip to Beacon's Closet on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn on Sunday or Monday along with another new vintage store also on 5th to do some fall shopping.

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