Monday, August 27, 2007

Crazy Clothes Challenge

So it's here Brooklyn Green Team's first ever challenge......The Crazy Clothes Challenge. In an attempt to give the powers that be a message, we have decided that our most powerful vote is the one we cast each time we spend a dollar. In this crucial era of our planet's history it is increasingly important to shift the consumer disposable culture into a new way of thinking. In an attempt to make a small difference and encourage others to make a small difference we have created The Crazy Clothes Challenge. When you take the challenge you agree to not buy new clothing for yourself until the end of December. This means any article of clothing that you purchase must be from a second hand or vintage shop. What are you waiting for...join the challenge!

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Brooklyn Green Team said...

I am up for the challenge! And for those of you who are joining us, please feel free to leave your comments behind, especially if they include eco-friendly shopping tips like this one:
Check our citysearch's Top Vintage/Thrift stores at