Monday, August 27, 2007

About the Brooklyn Green Team

After going to see the opening night of Leonardo DiCaprio's film The 11th Hour, a group of five like-minded Brooklynites embarked on a journey they would not soon forget (hopefully). The creation of a Brooklyn Green Team happened at a bar on the lower east side. The founding greeners, Amanda Gentile, Noelle Gentile, Johanna Voutounou, Melissa Browning, Jennifer Bartels, William Evans, Seth Markel*, and Mike Dowd*, decided that perhaps the best way to do something good for the environment was to get together, talk about what's going on, come up with ideas for one another, annoint one another with pine sap, and eat organic local food while saving the world - one borough at a time. We hope that our blog will provide you with some basic tips, specific resources available in Brooklyn and the larger NYC area, and will encourage good practices to help reduce our carbon imprint and harm we are all inflicting on our home - here on planet earth.

Amanda Gentile
Charter Member

*not particularly active participants.


Debbie at Bigsky said...

you guys have been inspiring me for a long time. I am driving a prius because of noelle. Amanda's daily updates are a great reminder to me.
Things I have changed:
use water from boiling food on the stove for flowers
use small spritzer bottles for my ironing instead of throwing them out
cut down on the amount of trash we produce each week( we now throw out only one bag of garbage each week
use linen napkins every day instead of paper
use plates at Gram's picnics instead if paper
use real utensils instead of plastic at picnics
i am going to the school board to encourage changes in our school
I promise to make my first class of 4 year olds a green team

EscaladeLover said...

I don't flush my toilet ever because of you. It has gotten a bit messy but my bathroom tiles have already joined the "Green Team."