Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

You're a BGT blog reader, and you've probably given some thought as to whether or not you should get a Christmas tree this year. Maybe you've considered a fake tree as a more eco-friendly option.

According to the Boston Globe, the better choice is to get a real tree. Here's a few reason why:

- Artificial trees are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which does not break down in the environment. Artificial trees also often contain lead.
- Many artificial trees are manufactured in China, so factor in the carbon footprint left in shipping them to American stores.
- The average life-span of an artificial tree is six years, then you're back to square one.


- Purchase of a real Christmas tree results in money being injected into the economy-something to take into consideration these days.
-Real Christmas trees come from tree farms and will mostly likely be replanted, making for a more earth-friendly enterprise (although keep in mind many tree farmers use pesticides).
- Real Christmas trees can be mulched or recycled after use.

Learn more about treecycling and other ways to green your tree!

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Amanda Crowe said...

Hey Green Team, this is a great article, I must say. It's time to pack away the decorations and say goodbye to the Christmas tree. St. Louis has three locations in the city where you can recycle your Christmas tree. A cut tree should last as long as 5 weeks when watered properly. Remember to recycle your Christmas tree after you have enjoyed it.