Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bring Your Own Mug Challenge Update

3 Months. No Paper Cups. Can You Swig It? 

Naidre's Cafe (in talks with brooklyn green team) on 7th Ave in Park Slope and on Henry Street in Cobble Hill decided to change their menu to read that your own mug, any size, gets you a coffee for only 1.50 (the price of a small coffee). How exciting! You can also find our mug challenge flyer on 7th Ave.

JOIN THE CHALLENGE. email and write I Bring My Own!


bitchcraftbrooklyn said...
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bitchcraftbrooklyn said...

Fantastic! I'm not surprised Naidre's is the first coffee shop in the 'hood to do this!

I would highly recommend to all to try out a GLASS JAR for a reusable travel mug. It is the best ever-- I just made the switch myself a few weeks ago. There are lots of pros and few cons.

Check it out: