Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recycled Materials for Brooklyn Bridge Park

Skanska USA Building Inc., the firm hired to construct Brooklyn Bridge Park (The Brooklyn Bridge will celebrate its 125th Birthday), reports it is not only helping reclaim the waterfront for public use and recycling it into a viable local amenity, but it is recycling the rubble as well.

“Skanska will tear down old sheds, such as the one on Pier 1 [see photo at right], and recycle the materials, turning the industrial remains into vital public spaces — like lawns, beaches, coves, restored habitats, playgrounds, sports facilities and landscaped gardens,” a spokesperson said. “There’s an attention being paid to ‘keeping it local,’ so to speak, as far as incorporating as much on-site materials as are available.”

Steve Pressler, Skanska executive vice president, commented, “It’s our goal to build with the least possible impact on nearby neighborhoods.”

As has been reported previously, the new park will run 1.3 miles along the East River and New York Harbor. Along that route, Skanska will be working and building on land that is now covered with asphalt, concrete and abandoned sheds, as well as rubble along the water’s edge.

In addition to the reuse of structural steel and aluminum cladding and concrete and asphalt, the waterfront will be reshaped with 180,000 cubic yards of dredged material, which will be used to create the rolling contours of the park.

Source: Full story in Brooklyn Eagle


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