Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AFFORDABLE Green Homes in Ocean Hill-Brownsville

OCEAN HILL-BROWNSVILLE — An all-women volunteer construction crew 40-women strong took on an affordable green homes project in Ocean Hill-Brownsville this past weekend.
The annual Women Build, an event sponsored by Habitat for Humanity-New York City, celebrated the power of women working together to help solve the city’s housing crisis and revitalize a low-income neighborhood with a new LEED certified affordable condo unit.

“Women from all walks of life put a new spin on the term ‘home making’ as they united to build the homes for families in need,” a spokesperson said.

The builders included volunteers with no previous construction experience, women who will live in the Habitat-NYC homes, women AmeriCorps volunteer and Habitat-NYC women construction managers. The Habitat-NYC construction managers both taught and helped the novices.

Full Story at Brooklyn Eagle


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