Friday, May 14, 2010

One Bag One Earth

These guys' business cards have been sitting on a Brooklyn Green Team desk for about two months. this company One Bag One Earth makes bags similar to chico-bags, but here's how they difer

"We're trying to get to a place where all the materials we use are either recycled from other waste (like RPET, a fiber spun from recycled plastic bottles) or made out of existing materials that are sitting there doing nothing or on deck for the trash dump. We've come up with a new quest that is truly looking for mileage: go find premium materials that already exist so we don't light the fires of manufacturing to create new ones. This ultimately keeps us (and you) treading lighter on our precious resources. While the creation of materials has its impact, it doesn't do anyone any good if what was created just winds up in the dump, especially if it's not recyclable.

So here's our deal: we're currently combing through textiles and fabrics that some factories aren't using. The materials we choose are only of the finest quality. Then we apply a healthy dose of love, sewing them into something that looks good, and that people should use every day, instead of churning through disposable bags that serve no one in the long run."

very cute bag, they fold up very small. we probably all have more totes than we can use but if you or someone you know is using plastic at the grocery store, a couple of these in your purse/messenger bag/man bag/fanny pack/wagon wouldn't hurt to have on hand.


Snoggers said...

Very cool bags, I carry one around with me in my pocket every day. I like how they're not as tight in the pouch like Chico, so I'm not carrying around a rock in my pocket.

They got dude patterns as well, so that's schweet too.

Anonymous said...

I choose to OBOE my lunch daily to the office. A year ago I was heckled, now everyone is following my path and feeling good about making positive moves for our future on this planet.