Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If You Know a Restaurant Owner...

We just found out about this company called Upstate Wine Co., wholesalers of NYS wine (there's some good stuff out there, in fact you can get some at Greenmarkets across the city). Their mission is to only carry wines harvested, produced, and bottled in Upstate New York, to minimize environmental impact, and to choose only the highest quality, award winning wines for patrons in New York City. Currently we are representing Thirsty Owl Wine Co. and Atwater Vineyards, and will be picking up more wineries in July.

So if you have a friend that owns a restaurant, why not recommend they start sourcing locally (cuts down their carbon footprint and supports regional agriculture!)

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anna b said...

I love local wine, I only really buy wine from the greenmarket... definitely wish more restaurants in the city carried it!!