Thursday, April 8, 2010

Could It Be True??

yeah, yeah there's a million "green" or "organic" dry cleaners out there (do your research)...but this is different.

Now open in Park Slope, Clean n Green is Brooklyn’s first eco-friendly Laundromat. While organic dry cleaners are gaining in popularity, Clean n Green is the city’s first laundromat that aims to lessen the environmental impact of washing our clothes by using highly energy and water efficient machines, monitoring water and energy use daily, and using eco-friendly, phosphate and hydrocarbon free soaps. Plus they do green dry-cleaning with a soluation made from silica (or sand?)

In addition to lessening the impact on the environment, Clean n Green is making it easier to do laundry with some great amenities:
card-operated laundromat so no quarters required
Free eco-friendly soap
Washes are $2 bucks each, and on site staff will change over laundry from wash to dry free of charge.

504 5th Avenue, between 12th & 13th streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
open 8am - 11pm
check them out at: Fill out this page to win a free wash on them.

As Matthew McConaughey says in Dazed and Confused, "all right, all right, all right"

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