Thursday, March 25, 2010

From one of our eco-challengers

Sheena Y. tells us:

This year on the fire escape outside my apartment I will be growing lots of herbs, a few veggies and a couple flowers.

Good luck Sheena. Send us your story about the Urban Garden Challenge and sign up!!

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LAURA said...

Hey I did a fire escape garden, too! And I only planted it ten days ago and my baby plants are happy! I've got dill and chives and I bought a colorful flower mix that's supposed to attract butterflies! (I hope)
I'm going to pass along some tips for all you windowsill gardeners: basil, dill, parsley and chives are a few great windowsill herbs. Don't crowd them (if you've got two different herbs in one pot, plant them at least six inches apart,) and don't overwater them! Only 2-3 times a week! They love the sunshine but will do well with a little shade, too. Happy spring to all you Brooklyn green thumbs! And good luck!