Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Christine Quinn

Last week the New York City Council took steps toward creating a more sustainable transportation infrastructure in our city by passing two important pieces of legislation:

Intro. 0780-A (Koppell) - bicycle parking in garages and parking lots.

Intro. 0871-A (Yassky) - bicycle access in commercial buildings.

One of the main obstacles to bicycle commuting is the inability to park your bicycle in a secure location once you have arrived at work. These bills address this problem by improving bicycle access in commercial buildings and creating thousands of bicycle parking spaces in city garages and parking lots. The legislation also encourages cycling by creating a bicycle commuting task force that will explore partnerships with private entities to build sheltered bicycle parking in public and/or private spaces. The task force will issue its report by December 31, 2010. Together, these proposals will improve public health, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a more affordable option for New Yorker's daily commute.

If you would like additional information or have any questions about this new legislation, please contact Nick Rolf of the community outreach staff at (212) 442-5765. You may also e-mail him directly at nrolf@council.nyc.gov.

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