Monday, February 16, 2009

Set Recycling on Broadway

If you are laying up at night wondering what they do after they dismantle the sets on 42nd Street after the Grinch has closed up for the year. Wonder no longer.  In the past, most unwanted sets wound up in trash bins. But now the Broadway League's Broadway Goes Green environmental initiative means that much will be repurposed or recycled.  Now 15 tons of debris produced by "Boeing-Boeing," "The Seagull" and "13" won't end up in the landfill.  Seven tons of steel, wood, fabric and carpet will be recycled and eight tons will be reused by various organizations.  These include the Socrates Sculpture Park in LIC, ReBuilders Source, a reuse store in the Bronx; and the children's charity World Vision.  Other productions will reuse the sets for other stages rather than creating new ones.  

Source: NYTimes

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