Friday, January 23, 2009

Charge It Please! Then Recycle It!

Ever wonder if there was a way to recycle your old credit cards? Thanks to Rodd Gilbert, the president of Earthworks, now you can.

Earthworks Systems accepts your old credit, id, and gift cards, or even old hotel key cards that you (accidentally) made off with after a hotel stay.

These cars are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is an infinitely recyclable, but often land-filled plastic.

After realizing that plastic cards result in 75 million pounds of PVC waste per year, Rodd Gilbert and Earthworks started collecting cards from individual consumers and retailers, chopping them up and melting them down into a new sheet of plastic, which is then sold to manufacturers to make more cards.

Gilbert would also like people to know that PVC recycling doesn’t require the additives used in other plastic recycling and the properties of PVC never change, thus making it continually recyclable.

Mail in your cards

More about Earthworks


Plastic Card said...

This is a very good way and idea of Recycling of cards is provided by you.I think that's a very good job that you have recycle the old card instead of west.

Muhammad Saeed said...

As cards are made from polyvinyl chloride, so they are very harmful. So they should be recycled after a specific period of time to mitigate the risk.
Plastic Card

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Cardprinter said...

Go Green!!

Reuse plastic ID cards.