Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sushi Smarts

We Brooklyn Green Team members are very excited to see this anticipated guide to sustainable sushi come out today! Three versions of the sustainable sushi guide are available from Blue Ocean Institute, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Environmental Defense Fund. According to the guides, top sustainable sushi eats include U.S.-farmed abalone (awabi), albacore tuna from North America (shiro maguro), and farmed Arctic char (iwana). Besides downloading the guide from whichever source you choose and practicing sustainable habits at your sushi bar, here is what you can do to further the cause:

Engage Your Chef in a Conversation. Let the chef know that you appreciate seasonal, sustainable seafood choices and that you'd like to explore new flavors. Ask if the seafood is farmed or wild, how it was caught and where it's from.

Spread the Word. At Seafood Watch we know from experience that consumers matter—just a few simple actions on your part can make a big difference. Leave behind our Chef Feedback Cards - an easy way to share your point of view and to encourage restaurants to serve sustainable seafood. Download the Chef Feedback Cards

Become an advocate. If you're passionate about healthy oceans, become a Seafood Watch Advocate and share information about sustainable seafood with your favorite sushi chefs, as well as your family, friends and co-workers. Become a Seafood Watch Advocate

Join the Party. Help us celebrate the launch of our new Sushi Pocket Guide by planning your own sustainable dinner at your local sushi bar anytime through October 28. You can get details and "RSVP" for the party on Facebook. Invite a few friends and get sustainable!

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE! (from Monterey Bay)
or from Environmental Defense Fund or from Blue Ocean Institute

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