Friday, October 3, 2008


Brooklyn Green Team in partnership with GreenEdge Collaborative NYC present

It's getting cool in the mornings. You're no wimp. You know when to shut it off. No longer do you stand lavishing in the healing hot waters pouring forth from your showerhead. You get your satisfaction instead from being an environmental superhero. That's what you are. One Month to Go. We hope you continue to challenge yourself - if you've hit the 5 minute mark (or below) with no problem, aim higher, or in this case lower. Try to skim even more time off. For those of you who have not yet joined, or if you've joined and have friends who may be interested, CLICK HERE to sign up for the challenge!

Compelling reasons to inspire others to keep up the good work. . .

Here is what Sierra Club's Mr. Green has to say:

You better believe conservation is important. Waste precious water and you should be sentenced to take a cold shower with Dick Cheney. You can choose from gallons of arguments to convince people of this, but let's start with four points - pollution, wildlife, money, and stench.

When lakes, rivers, and underground aquifers contain less water (in part because more of it is irrigating lawns and dripping from faucets), pollutants become more concentrated. If we decrease water use, it could reduce the need for new dams and reservoirs that can mess up wildlife habitat. That might be enough to win over our outdoorsy types.

When dealing with those who don't give a damn about nature, aim for their wallets. Pumping and treating water in the U.S. uses around 56 billion kilowatt-hours a year - enough power for 5 million homes. Based on the average national electric rate (about nine cents per kilowatt-hour), that's more than $5 billion worth of energy. The cost of wasting water also affects individual households, where heating water typically accounts for about 14 percent of total energy use.

Finally, stench: Conserving water - 36 states expect to have shortages wtihin five years - helps ensure that we have enough H20 to keep us tolerably clean (and safely hydrated) for years to come.

Want to show the world your commitment to water conservation? Visit WeAddUp for a Shower Together T-shirt! You get your own unique number too.

Visit and be surprised to learn what your true water usage is - all things considered.


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