Friday, September 19, 2008

An Interview with Green Boroughs

What is Green Boroughs? What is your niche in the environmental sector?
The mission of Green Boroughs is to help people discover the greener side of New York City from the perspective of the consumer and of the business person. Our niche is sustainability education for New Yorkers.

What's so green about the LES?
The neighborhoods of the East Village and L.E.S. are green in a couple of ways. First of all, there are more community gardens in this area than in any other part of New York City. The community gardens provide access to nature for thousands of New Yorkers that would not have it without these gardens. Secondly, there is a large concentration of green businesses in this area mainly, because rents are lower than in other parts of the City. Additionally, there are a few examples of green affordable housing in this area that are worth special attention.

What goes into designing one of your tours?
My tours are designed with 3 three questions in mind: Where are the coolest and greenest retail stores, green buildings, community gardens and other green places in NYC?
What neighborhoods offer the most green places to visit in a small area?
What businesses, community gardens, and other green places would be most accomodating to a tour group?

We see you are collaborating with GreenEdge Collaborative NYC on this one - is collaboration important in the green sector?
Collaboration is vital in the green sector. We have to put aside our tendency to compete for business, for attention, and for revenue. The only way we can all succeed in making New York City more sustainable is to collaborate and help each other.

Come join the tour this weekend!

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