Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Facts on Our Backyard Biodiesel

Tri-State Biodiesel, a national company which has their offices here in NYC, focuses on the development and implementation of urban, recycled oil-based biodiesel projects. Founded by 12-year biodiesel educator Brent Baker, Tri-State Biodiesel and its affiliates believe that all used cooking oil generated by U.S. restaurants should be captured and processed into biodiesel as part of a national sustainability strategy.

As you've likely read there is lots of controversy over the environmental concerns of efficacy. TSB would like to allay some of those misconceptions about their product. For example

Myth: Biofuels contribute more to global warming gasses than they
mitigate; the rational being that if you burn down rainforest to plant more crops you would create more CO2.

Fact: While this may be happening in certain countries it is not happening in the US. In fact, a recent report from National Geographic showed that all biofuels reduce the
volume of life-cycle carbon compared to fossil fuels. In the case of corn ethanol the
reductions are meager, but in the case of biodiesel, long range EPA and NREL studies
show a 78% reduction in life-cycle carbon emissions.

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