Thursday, April 28, 2011


We tested out the latest line of Envirosax.  As you can see, the new line is super cute - they have lots of great patterns and they participate in 1% of the planet which is cool.  The downside to the totes is that they don't have a structured bottom so your stuff can sometimes wind up in one big jumble.

Also, if you need to buy a tote bag (don't we all have about 50 by now?), you might look for one that's made from recycled materials (Envirosax are made from polyester).  Though it looks like now the company has a new organic series which is cool.

The takeaway? Don't use plastic bags! Keep a tote on you at all times (these handy devils fold up in your bag and they're cute!)

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Sophia said...

love the pattern of the tote bag..the line of environment friendly organic bags are cool. thanks for sharing the new line of designer bags