Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Age of Stupid Premiere Coming...

Why didn’t we save ourselves when we had the chance?  This is the question the soon-to-be released film, Age of Stupid, poses to us.  The film takes place in a future where our world has been ravaged by climate change due to a business-as-usual approach to this growing global threat.

Brought to you by Fathom Events, The Age of Stupid will launch in America on September 21st, 2009 from a solar-powered cinema tent in New York LIVE to 115,000 people in 400 movie theatres right across the country.  This One Night Only live event is your only chance to see The Age of Stupid on the big screen and is timed for the day before the UN's climate meeting on September 22nd, when 80 Heads of State - and therefore the world's media - will gather in New York. (The event has also just been confirmed as being an official part of the UN's Climate Week NYC.)


Everyone is invited to go to their local theatre to watch the VIPs arrive in Manhattan by boat, bike, rickshaw, electric car or skateboard, before braving the paparazzi on the green carpet. Following the first US screening of The Age of Stupid, there will be a further 40 minute live event featuring Kofi Annan, Gillian Anderson, Mary Robinson, the film's director Franny Armstrong, the star of the film Pete Postlethwaite, and other leading thinkers, celebrities and political figures from around the world. 


For more information and a theater schedule visit: http://www.ageofstupid.net/usa

The film starts at:  7:30 PM ET/ 6:30 PM CT / 5:30 PM MT / tape delayed 8PM PT

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