Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cool Product at Local Green Shop

Hoyt Street GRDN location in Brooklyn just started carrying organic lawn and garden fertilizers from Converted Organics. Based in Boston (which reminds us of The Departed and The Greening of Southie), the products are derived from restaurant and supermarket food waste. This waste is diverted from landfills through several agreements with hauling companies, local NYC restaurants, and food processing facilities to the Converted Organics Facility in Woodbridge New Jersey. There, it is "super composted" at an accelerated rate, bagged, and sold to various GRDN and Whole Foods locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

For those of your readers who aren't able to compost their own food waste for their vegetable and flower gardens, this product is a great alternative. Plus, when you're buying from Hoyt Street GRDN, you're supporting local businesses.  Speaking of local businesses, check out SBNYC

Learn More about Converted Organics

Learn More about Hoyt Street GRDN.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are some that say Converted Organics is a green scam because they can't seem to get their plant into more than token production and a few thousand other indications.

You really proud to carry their product?