Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Passport to Volunteerism

Okay, so we're onto tackling reducing our packaging intake with the No Take-Out Challenge, but we still like volunteerism...

TogetherGreen is an alliance between Audobon and Toyota and is all about acting today to shape a better, healthier environment tomorrow. I’m very excited to invite you and your readers to join that journey by volunteering in your community as part of the brand new volunteer program, TogetherGreen Community Passport!

How does it work? First, start thinking about what types of volunteer activities you’d like to participate in. Next, click here to learn how it works.

By logging on, you’ll be able to download your Community Passport, which will allow you to get involved in as many different unpaid conservation volunteer activities as possible
Participants need to be over the age of 18 and log participation in a variety of conservation categories, called Pursuits. After that, it just comes down to who has the most volunteer hours logged!

As you know, volunteering has great benefits for you, your community, and conservation. Over time, your “Community Passport” will become a record of your great volunteer contributions and a first hand account of how your efforts have helped your community.

Your efforts can win prizes, online recognition and downloadable Passport certificates. The most committed volunteer will win a grand prize of two LL Bean bicycles for emission-free traveling fun. Other prizes include a Sierra Designs Tent, an REI Trail Pack and water bottles, and TogetherGreen t-shirts.

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TogetherGreen said...

TogetherGreen has just announced the winner of the Community Passport contest! Yvette Little of Ellenton, Florida donated an amazing 323 volunteer hours to five organizations.

Check out the full story here: