Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry Pottery Barn

Put an end to unwanted catalogs, reduce the clutter in your mailbox, while helping save natural resources. Catalogchoice.org was set up to allow customers to choose which catalogs they would like to receive and reducing the number of repeat and unsolicited catalog mailings and to promote the adoption of a sustainable industry. The service is free. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Great post on Catalog Choice

I wanted to give you a heads-up on another great Web site that I thought your readers would find interesting and help them de-clutter their mailboxes and simplify their lives.

Its called ProQuo.com, a free, easy-to-use site that gives you the ability to remove yourself from the most commonly used marketing lists in a matter of minutes!

Who knew that Americans receive nearly four million tons of junk mail each year and the average consumer can be on thousands of marketing mailing lists at any time? We are flooded with unwanted advertisements, credit card offers and political propaganda, which can bury the mail we are looking for…not to mention create a drain on the environment.

Take care,
Carly VanDyke