Saturday, February 23, 2008

Putting Your Cork to Good Use

Cork is obtained from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree - Quercus suber. Over 50% of the world's cork supply comes from Portugal. Cork is one of the few forms of packaging that is environmentally friendly! Harvesting of the cork tree is first done when the tree is 25 years old, and then can only be stripped once every nine years. And the 3 harvesting is the only harvest that is smooth and natural enough for manufacturing of Wine Corks.

Since it takes so long for a cork oak tree to yield it's first cork. It's dis-hearting that we turn around and throw it away. Why not recycle this natural object and allow the cork to be recycled into other products

Recycle Cork USA, LLC has launched a nonprofit called Kork 4 Kids, which raises funds from the recycling of cork for Children's Charities.

Here's what you do:
1. Start collecting your corks today, in a drawer or bag.

2. Once you have a sizable amount. Send your corks (via flat rate shipping) to :Korks 4 Kids Programc/o RECYCLE CORK USA, LLC.510 Wynwood RoadYork, Pennsylvania 174023. Hold on to your receipt for charitable contribution.

Closing the loop, one bottle at a time.


Manuel CasaBranca said...

Congratulations for the ideia.
I'm a Portuguese painter of "sobreiros" (tree of the cork oak).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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